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"Crown of Friendship" November Multi-city Tour for Pony Fans

Apr 01,2024/Blog

This month is super happy!

Pony fans in Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen and Wuxi,

Your idol is coming!

Officially authorized by Hasbro and exclusively introduced by Happy Kids

My Little Pony Chinese version of the stage play "The Crown of Friendship"

The cutest thing in history - a surprise unveiled


A conscientious drama that is not afraid of spoilers

This is a wonderful story filled with twists, heroics, magic, and the power of friendship!

This stage play presents wonderful stories that have never appeared in cartoons and major movies:

1.Is the exciting and cheerful party a "conspiracy" arranged by the opponent?

2.Why did all ponies' cutie marks disappear overnight?

3 Can friends whose temperaments have changed drastically finally reconcile as before?

When friendships are challenged, when friends no longer trust each other, when villains become more powerful than imagined, and faced with many difficulties, can the ponies resolve the crisis and regain their magic?


A new stage with ultra-high restoration

This is a subversive stage play that is flexible, lively, comprehensively innovative, and breaks through traditional models!

On the stage, six cute ponies come to life, bringing endless excitement and joy to the children! In order to highly restore the animated characters, the puppet control technology that combines human and puppet was used in the production of the pony puppets. After a year of design and adjustment by the production team, you will see the pony heads, The eyes, legs, and tail can all move! Such lifelike and vivid figures are hard to come by!

In addition, many real stage props, cool lighting effects, and classic scenes such as the beautiful Pony Valley, the magical Tree of Harmony, and the mysterious Crown of Friendship will all be beautifully presented!


A perfect parent-child performance

This is a new stage with lots of surprises, first-class experience and uniqueness!

As a year-end parent-child drama, the stage play "The Crown of Friendship" pays special attention to children's experience and sense of participation. The interactive sessions throughout the show are full of surprises. Parents can bring their babies to this ponies' carnival party without any worries. 

In addition, one of the most surprising aspects of the entire performance is the wonderful interactive performance like a large-scale circus performance: lively clown acrobatics, unicycle challenges, continuous front flips...


What are you waiting for?

If you are interested, click on the link below to enjoy the carnival live!

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