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The First Scene of the Show Was Extremely Popular, Let’s See What They Said?

Apr 22,2024/Blog

The wonderful and dreamy pony kingdom is about to usher in a friendship dance, but the evil villain has quietly extended his claws to the ponies, and there is a crisis hidden behind the joy. In order to find the missing cutie mark, Twilight and her friends regained their confidence and embarked on the road to save their homeland.

Wonderful performance with constant rave reviews

The Chinese version of My Little Pony stage play "The Crown of Friendship" kicked off its first tour yesterday at the Daning Theater in Shanghai!

According to reports from the scene, the atmosphere at the scene was extremely lively, with all the children dancing and excited. After the performance, it received unanimous praise from parents and friends, "The performance was full of childlike fun and ups and downs, it was really exciting!"




Q: What do you want to say about the Chinese version of My Little Pony stage play?


My nephew likes My Little Pony very much. This time I took him to watch it together and he was so excited!


Whenever I have time, I watch Pony at home. My children love this show very much.


My youngest daughter really likes Princess Twilight Sparkle. When she heard there was a stage play, she brought her here as soon as possible, and the performance was indeed not disappointing.


I think the theme of friendship conveyed by this cartoon is very good. As parents, we are more willing to see it as a way to learn through entertainment. The plot of the stage play is well set up, and the children are also very fascinated by it.


The show is well worth watching. In fact, the father of the child who comes to watch a stage play is not very supportive, but the child likes it, so I brought her here. Unlike cartoons, stage plays can give the baby a more realistic feeling, which is great! Go back and give Amway to her dad.

Friends who have seen it all say it's good!







Wonderful! Start watching for the second time

Don't be afraid of spoilers for a good drama!

Q: What impressed you most about the stage play?


The good and the bad are fighting head-on. My baby is particularly into the drama. It's so tense.


There is a plot in which good friends are constantly quarreling over the crown. It is very real. Children are young and often do not know what courtesy is. The stage play teaches children sharing and friendship in an interesting way. I recommend it to everyone.


In the happy party section, you will feel like your eyes are shining brightly.


My son said he likes the cute and funny baby Spiral! The scenes are also very good.


There are a lot of favorite scenes, the interactions are amazing, and my daughter happily watched them.

It accurately meets the "taste" of different people in various aspects, making every baby happy to watch the drama and get involved in the drama! The 90-minute exciting plot is integrated with the perfect scene to experience a unique audio-visual feast!


Shanghai Station is just the beginning

Shanghai Station Shanghai Daning Theater

Performance time:

10.19 Saturday 10:00/14:30/19:00

10.20 Sunday 10:00/13:00/16:00

Scan the QR code to buy tickets now!



Q: How much are you looking forward to this show?


I have been following the information about the stage play since it was revealed. When will you come to Fujian?

@Apple fafa:

Highly recommended by the mothers in Shanghai, when will the performance be held in Beijing?


Without further ado, I strongly urge you to come to Wuxi!


I’m looking forward to it. I wonder if there are any performances here in Shenzhen?


We are Pony fans from Fuzhou. We chase My Little Pony with our daughters every time!

At present, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Wuxi, Nanjing, Changzhou and other cities have officially opened tickets, and the rush to buy is very hot, so you should hurry up. In addition, fans from other cities please be patient and we will release more performance information for you as soon as possible.

By the way, we have prepared exquisite small gifts for the fans at the performance.

Get it for free, first come first served. Those who watch the drama are really lucky.


*Gifts may differ in each city, mainly at the performance.

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