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Your Child’s Peers Are Envious, And the Reason Is...

Apr 08,2024/Blog

Recently, we have received a lot of private messages from fans on Weibo, all of whom came to give feedback on the My Little Pony stage show. We are very happy that everyone enjoyed watching it and gave valuable suggestions as soon as possible.




There was also a very interesting fan who complained to me, saying that her daughter and the sister next door had a huge quarrel over a Twilight Sparkle doll - the newly purchased cute doll was unwilling to let her sister play with it. This is a trivial matter in the eyes of parents. But it made the two children extremely violent.

In fact, I understand this trouble very well. In order to help her, I proposed to invite these two cute babies to come and experience it.


Anyone who knows a little bit about cartoons knows that the story of My Little Pony mainly tells the importance of the power of friendship. Friendship is an eternal topic for human beings, accompanying us throughout our lives, and this stage play is endowed with the meaning of friendship. It must be the wisest educational concept at the moment to educate and entertain.

On the stage, the ponies known to the children are even braver. Under the leadership of Princess Twilight, they work together in tacit cooperation, each using their own strengths, and using the magic of friendship to overcome difficulties. This is not only a stage play that creates joy for children, but also a lively classroom that can bring them inspiration!






In addition, the My Little Pony Chinese version of the stage play "The Crown of Friendship" has also been completely upgraded in terms of plot, stage design, music, etc. At the same time, sufficient preparations have been made for the design of the puppets. After a year-long Modifications and adjustments were made, and finally the puppet control technology was used to make the six ponies appear vividly on the stage; most importantly, the stage play paid great attention to the audience experience, and the interactive links throughout the show were full of surprises. Let the children participate personally and "fight side by side" with their partners

No more worrying about losing a good friend over a pony toy!


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