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My Little Pony Stage Show Is Here! Don’t Miss It!

May 24,2024/Blog

Boys and girls

The ponies' friendship party is about to begin

Please hurry up and come!


A "large-scale children's celebrity meeting"

Super high restoration! Wonderful! Live up to expectations!


No.1 original introduction, a stage play specially created for children

One of Hasbro's masterpieces, the "My Little Pony: The Magic of Friendship" cartoon has been loved and sought after by children and parents around the world since its launch.

In 2019, officially authorized by Hasbro and exclusively introduced by Happy Kids, the Chinese version of the My Little Pony stage play "The Crown of Friendship" will come to mainland theaters for the first time and will show the unique charm of the original stage play to children across the country!


The stage play "The Crown of Friendship" pays special attention to children's experience and sense of participation. The interactive sessions throughout the show are full of surprises. Parents can bring their babies to this ponies' carnival party without any worries.


No.2 animation is highly restored, creating a visual feast in all aspects

On the stage, six cute ponies come to life, bringing endless excitement and joy to the children! In the production of the pony puppets, puppet control technology that combines human and puppet is used. After a year of design and adjustment by the production team, you will see that the heads, eyes, legs, and tails of the ponies can move on site!



In addition, many realistic stage props, cool lighting effects, and classic scenes such as the beautiful Pony Valley, the magical Tree of Harmony, and the mysterious Crown of Friendship will all be vividly presented!


The music of the stage play has also been specially designed. On the basis of restoring the songs in the cartoon, new music has also been customized, making the audience feel like they are in the ponies' concert!


No.3 The plot is exciting and twists, and the story is interesting

This time, the stage play tells a wonderful story that has never been seen in cartoons and movies: Is the exciting and cheerful party a "conspiracy"? Who sent the mysterious "Friendship Crown" to the ponies? How do ponies lose their cutie marks? Can friends whose temperament has changed drastically finally reconcile?

When friendship encounters challenges, when friends no longer trust, when villains become more powerful than imagined...

A series of conspiracies and difficulties are waiting for them. Can Twilight lead her friends through the difficulties? 


The story of My Little Pony tells the story of the importance of the power of friendship. Under the leadership of Princess Twilight, the brave ponies cooperate tacitly, give full play to their specialties, and use the magic of friendship to solve all difficulties. This is not only a stage play that creates joy for children, but also a vivid classroom that can bring them enlightenment. The highly restored ponies, coupled with concert-level audio-visual enjoyment, this performance will It will become the best memory of your child’s childhood!


Starting from October 12th, the national tour of the stage play "The Crown of Friendship" is coming. It is an unimaginable children's masterpiece, not to be missed~

Super value benefits

My Little Pony Chinese version stage play "The Crown of Friendship"

Shanghai Station Shanghai Daning Theater

Performance time:

2019.10.12 Saturday 19:00

10.13 Sunday 10:00/13:00/16:00

10.19 Saturday 10:00/14:30/19:00

10.20 Sunday 10:00/13:00/16:00

Limited time! Special offer! 10% off the second ticket purchased!

Package 1: 528 yuan (including 2 performance tickets worth 480 yuan)

Package 2: 418 yuan (including 2 performance tickets worth 380 yuan)

Package 3: 308 yuan (including 2 performance tickets worth 280 yuan)

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