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Thomas&Friends Live on Stage: The Braviest Engine on Sondor

Thomas, the cheerful and mischievous No.1 blue steam engine, resides with his friends on the picturesque island of Sodor. He diligently works each day, aspiring to be a truly useful little engine. Through new adventures and encounters with new friends, he imparts lessons to children. His catchy songs accompany children throughout their healthy growth. Reverend Audley, Thomas’s creator, was inspired by a whistle sound near his home in 1945 and penned a book about engines for his son, thus giving birth to Thomas, the protagonist of the Engines Series. The first Thomas cartoon aired on ITV in the UK in 1984, drawing 8.5 million viewers. In 2009, “Thomas and Friends” made its way to China, becoming the annual hit animation of CCTV Children’s Channel. Over the past 76 years, books and cartoons featuring Thomas and Friends have been translated into over 67 languages and broadcast in 230 countries worldwide. Thomas has truly earned his status as an "International Celebrity".

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