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My Little Pony, Which Has Been Crazy All Summer, Finally Starts in 5 Days!

Apr 15,2024/Blog

How was everyone's holiday?

We believe the babies had a great holiday experience

Happy, excited, uplifting.

But what we have to tell you is that

The last holiday of 2019 has passed

If there's anything else worth screaming about

It should be

Watch an unprecedented event

It can not only satisfy the girl's heart but also earn a wave of memories and tears.

Year-end drama


My Little Pony Chinese version of the stage play "The Crown of Friendship"


Live up to the expectations, premiere in Shanghai

Only 5 days left in the countdown


Heavyweight performance team joins forces

The pinnacle of the blockbuster blockbusters in history is coming

Contribute a unique viewing experience in the children's world (bingo)

Let's go through the magical world together

Witness the power of friendship





This is a test of friendship that comes as it comes

Equestria is about to hold a cheerful friendship party, but the appearance of the villain triggers many crises: Who brought the mysterious crown of unknown origin? Why do ponies keep arguing? How did their cutie marks disappear? ...All the mysteries are waiting to be revealed with the children.

The story of "The Crown of Friendship" is exciting and interesting. In just 90 minutes, children can follow the plot closely and experience the unique joy of stage play!


This is a completely new and upgraded experience

In addition to new upgrades in plot, stage design, music, etc., "The Crown of Friendship" has also made careful preparations in the design of the puppets~ The production team used the puppet-in-one puppet control technology to make six ponies It comes alive on the stage; of course, while children can experience the real My Little Pony, they can also personally participate and "fight together". There are constant surprises throughout the interactive sessions, and everything the babies want is here!

Come and join the ponies’ carnival party!



This is a stage play that makes all the children scream.

Officially authorized by Hasbro and exclusively introduced by Happy Kids, "The Crown of Friendship" comes to mainland theaters for the first time and will bring the unique charm of the original stage play to children across the country. On the stage, perform classics and spread positive energy; off the stage, recall childhood and feel friendship and love. I believe this performance will become the most popular legend in the children's world this year!


The audio-visual feast is about to begin. It will premiere at Shanghai Daning Theater on October 12th. The countdown is 5 days. The excitement will be with you soon.

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